Metanify: The Ultimate Repentance and Confession Guide

(Brought to you by the makers of Catena Bible)
A free app to help the penitent track their spiritual canon, sync with their spiritual father, and learn more from the Church writings about the passions and the virtues.

Tons of Great Features for Repentance and Confession Guidance!

Book Confession
Find your spiritual father right on the app. Access his calendar and book confession. Get confession remidners!
Track Your Spiritual Canon
Create a Spiritual Canon or a non-spiritual habit. Track and mark it every day. Watch your progress!
Prepare for Confession
Examine yourself before confession and make notes of your struggles. Add straight to your Struggles List!
Struggles List
Add your struggles throughout the days to your super duper secured struggles list. It's hidden and protected x2 by default!
More in the work!
Read what the Church says about virtues and passions (Patristics). Also read what our church priests are telling us from their own wisdom (feeds)

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